Pimville Drinks Co.

Pimville Drinks Co. was founded in 2018 by winemaker and Cape Wine Master, Francois Bezuidenhout, as the holding company for his wines, spirits and other products.

The company specialises in the production of bespoke craft wines and spirits as well as own-label products for many customers around the world.

We offer turn-key consulting services for own-label wines, spirits, RTD’s as well as bulk wine procurement and export across all style-categories and price-points.

Our team of expert individuals will be able to tailor your liquor products to your specific market-related requirements.

Pimville Drinks Co
Leenders Armosyn Rose,Leenders Sielverkoper,Leenders Baviaan


Leenders wines are story-wines, telling tales of today, yesterday and long-long ago.

Leenders Wine


Pimville Gin is world class quality and blend of distinct African fruit flavours.

Other Products

Other products

A range of bespoke products to compliment our range of craft wines and artisinal spirits.
Bulk wines

Bulk wines

Whether you are looking to sell your bulk wine, or you are looking to buy bulk wine, we are able to assist.


Own label products/custom labels

We produce many own-label wine and spirits brands for clients all over Africa and beyond.



Assistance with brand-development and style, benchmark wine tasting, winemaking or any other production-related query.

10% discount on all orders over R5000

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